The Art Of Portraying Who We Are, Portraits

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The Volume 2 Issue 4 of Creative Image Magazine, a Raghu Rai publication, is based on the theme PORTRAITS. This issue renders the reader, the dichotomies between the geniuses that thrive in the love and reverence of this world and the indigenous cultures that have been long forgotten by the indifference showered upon them by our newfangled society. Sometimes the innate drive of finding yourself or a part of yourself in someone else has been what drove these photographers to document the lives of others. With this issue we bring the modern legendary sharpness of Philippe Halsmans understanding of his subjects along with the precursing insight of Edward Curtis that brought this genre to life. The inspiration of Rohit Chawla and the dramatics of Bandeep Singh bring out a rather young narrative. The article Perspectives on Indian Photography which features multiple lectures held at Sanskriti Kendra, New Delhi brings out the urge of understanding

  • Magnum Offices
  • Philippe Halsman
  • Rohit Chawla
  • Pamela Singh-sepia Gallery
  • Samne Gholamnejad
  • Trupal Pandya
  • Bandeep Singh
  • Jannatul Mawa
  • Anjolie Ela Menon
  • Sanskriti Kendra
  • Shashi S Kashyap
  • Sayan Mukherjee
  • Nandhan Sai
  • Arghya Chatterjee
  • Sasikumar Ramachandran
  • Udayan Sankarpal
  • Bikramjit Bose
  • Ashish Shah
  • Farhan Hussain
  • Lukas Vasilikos
  • Dina Oganova
  • Neeraj Sharma
  • Aniyan Nair
  • Natalie Nie
  • Mallika Singhee
  • Devika Mehra
  • Szymon Lewinski
  • Ranu Jain
  • Ishan Agarwal
  • Unni Krishnan Nair
  • Satyam Bora
  • Vinay Panjwani
  • Sounak Banerjee
  • Abhishek Nandy
  • Manish Jaisi
  • Rutuja Kadam
  • Sayan Raha
  • Kartik Avatani
  • Soumya Geetha
  • Gajan Dudhalkar
  • Saurabh Narang
  • Ankita Jain
  • Satajit Sardar
  • Rajeev Tyagi
  • Manish Arya
  • Serena Chopra
  • Jahnvi Sarma
  • Rajeev Mannayam
  • Edward S Curtis
  • Tasveerarts


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