India At 70

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The Volume 2 Issue 5 of the Creative IMAGE Magazine, a Raghu Rai Publication, commemorates the 70 years of India's independence with this dedicated issue titled 'India at 70.' This issue reminiscences-a voyage that shows footprints in the sands of time of an infant republic moving ahead after a century of colonized repression, wielding and confronting itself with the various aspects of nation building before and after independence. Including works of photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson , Raghu Rai and Kishor Parekh , this issue brings to you a congregation of defining events and individuals from these past 70 years that were catalytic in influencing the psyche and sentiment of our nation. From the Bharat Yatra of Mahatma Gandhi to the current condition in Kashmir, from the partition of the Nation to the wars of the 60s and 70s; the blossoming of the art scenes and seismic political shifts, our tragedies, our strengths, our togetherness, we cover it all in an attempt to define the land of the myriad, our India. This issue also features great photographers like Homai Vyarawalla , Jyoti Bhatt , T. S. Satyan, Richard Bartholomew , Madan Mahatta Pablo Bartholomew , Ram Rahman , Swapan Parekh , Nitin Rai Photography , Prashant Panjiar, Pushpamala N., Vinay Panjwani, Javed Dar and many more.

  • Nehru Library
  • Prashant Panjiar
  • Henri Cartier Bresson
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund Office
  • Press Trust Of India
  • Alkazi Foundation - Homai Vyarawalla
  • Tasveer
  • Pablo Bartholomew
  • Photo Ink
  • Swapan Parekh
  • Ram Rahman
  • Mahesh Shantaram
  • Nitin Rai
  • Express Archive (neeraj)
  • Vineet Vohra
  • Pushpamala N
  • Vinay Panjwani
  • Javed Dar
  • Syed Shahriyar
  • Kuldip Nayar
  • Unni Krishnan Nair
  • Subrata Biswas
  • Amirtharaj Stephen
  • Ishan Tankha
  • Senthil Kumaran
  • Amit Pasricha
  • Vikram Bawa
  • Vivek Nigam
  • Himanshu Thakur
  • Aniruddha Guha Sarkar
  • Subhadeep De
  • Soumithra Biswas
  • Vinod Babu
  • Sandipta Bhanja
  • Jayati Saha
  • Ashok Ay


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