Colour Texture and Communication

In this workshop, students will be introduced to colour theory, textures and how the relativity of color and texture changes in different objects and spaces. This workshop will encourage every student to introspect into his or her art and design practice. The idea of introspections can be daunting, even thrilling! Through this workshop we will undertake one such journey, using diverse immersive and reflective methods, we will look at decoding and coding new narratives, through hands-on use of various media such as drawing, painting, textiles, print, sculpture, and whatever every student brings with them.

For students interested in Graphic Design, poetry and storytelling, a major question will be: Do we always need pictures to represent art/story? Can text become art? Today, contemporary art goes much beyond a realistic photograph, an abstract painting or even a symbol. Writing is in fact an equally valid form of art making. These students will be encouraged to explore in various contexts, from a busy street intersection to quiet libraries, a newspaper, and so on.


Number of Students per Batch: 20

Number of Days: 10

Timing of Class: 4:00 pm to 6:00pm

Cost: 10,000 INR

*Students are allowed to come in and work in our studio Monday – Friday.


Workshop Schedule Calender

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Week 1: 10th, 12th April
Week 2: 17th, 18th April
Week 3: 24th, 26th April
Week 4: 1st, 3rd May
Week 5: 8th, 10th Mayl



  • *By the end of the workshop, every participant will receive a Creative Image Certificate of Participation.
  • *Basic materials required for the workshop will be provided at the venue. If a student wishes to use something other than the provided, he/she is welcome to bring it along with them.
  • *Location of the Workshop: 2A, 1021/1, Ambawatta Complex, Mehrauli, New Delhi


About the Instructor


Purvai Rai is a graphic designer, textile and multimedia artist who’s work revolves around stories, memories, and identity. Her work ranges from publication design, fine art, collaging and textile. As a graduate student, she has explored different forms of visual arts and continues to do so in all her projects. In 2015, she co-founded a bi-monthly photography and visual arts magazine called Creative Image, along with her father Raghu Rai. In 2017, she founded Dori, to work with different communities, and particularly with children, to share their stories using different mediums and platforms.

  Purvai Rai


Event Date Price Number Of Seats Availibility
₹ 10000


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